Basic Activities Of Daily Living, or (BADL’S) as they are sometime referred to, are activities related to basic, daily personal care. Examples of Basic Activities Of Daily Living include; Hygiene Skills, Bathing, Walking, Eating, and Getting Dressed.  Click here to view a full list of our local Occupational Therapy Services in Rio Rancho, New Mexico!

Develop and maintain balance & coordination through good posture, body mechanics and functional mobility.

Learn the safe and proper ways to transfer from one surface to another. With a focus on the pre-transfer, transfer, and post-transfer.

We offer Occupational Therapy Services to help the client with basic daily skills, such as; getting dressed, grooming, & hygiene.

Living life should be fun. Specializing in Autism and Occupational Therapy, we work to help you enjoy the basic activities of daily living. Give us a call and start feeling better today!

From handwriting and cutting to hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, we offer a full range of exercises to help our clients with the Basic Activities Of Daily Living.

Having the ability to understand and manage our behavior and reactions to stimuli helps us cope with the day to day interactions we face in the world. Self-regulation helps children, teenagers and young adults socialize with others and develop independence on their own.

A-Z Therapy Services offers a wide range of Occupational Therapy Activities to help improve your overall body strength. From ball skills and bike exercises to weight lifting and treadmills, we provide quality, competent and affordable therapy sessions for the entire community.