A-Z Therapy Services is an outpatient facility that provides individualized pediatric services to children, adults, and seniors with a wide range of diagnoses to support performance at home, at school and in the community. At A-Z Therapy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico we proudly provide occupational therapy services to infants, children, teens, adults young and old, seniors, and the elderly.

From handwriting and cutting to hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, we offer a full range of exercises to help our clients with the Basic Activities Of Daily Living.

From holding a pencil to coloring and drawing letters, we help our clients learn fine motor development, increase hand strength through one-on-one therapy sessions.

We work to increase hand strength and help the client develop coordination and dexterity on their own. Additionally, we can help with fine motor skills and visual motor integration.

Located at 701 Unser Blvd. SE (Suite #9) in Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Our mission is to provide quality, competent , and affordable therapy sessions for the residents of the community. By creating a warm and caring environment for our patients/clients, employees and staff we provide learning and growth opportunities through academic and educational relationships.

Fine motor skills are essential to our ability to function in both private and social settings. We help our patients develop fine motor skills such as tool use, impact mobility, strength, endurance, and manipulation of objects.

Because many basic activities of daily living require using both sides of the body together, we help our clients develop bilateral coordination through Occupational Therapy Sessions.

A-Z Occupational Therapy accepts most major insurance providers such as; Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Western Sky Medicaid.