Basic feeding skills are an essential part of life development. From nutrition and development to social skills, tool usage and meal preparation, we are here to help.

At a certain age, we will encourage children to use a fork and spoon correctly, in order to feed themselves. Eventually graduating onto using a knife to cut food into smaller pieces.  

Tactile processing in children and adults essentially refers to our sense of touch and the way our nervous system responds to stimuli such as pain, pressure, & temperature.

Taste, texture and temperature of food are all related to the oral-sensory aspect of eating. Problems with this process can be the cause of eating disorders in children or adults.

A-Z Therapy Services is an outpatient facility that provides individualized pediatric services to children, adults, and seniors with a wide range of diagnoses to support performance at home, at school and in the community. At A-Z Therapy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico we proudly provide occupational therapy services to infants, children, teens, adults young and old, seniors, and the elderly.

We encourage children and adults to increase their food tolerance by trying many different types of meals. Because every food has different texture, smell, taste and appearance, we suggest experimenting with different culinary dishes at meal time.

We offer Occupational Therapy treatment sessions for help with meal preparation and kitchen mobility issues. From making sandwiches and coffee to following a recipe for making cookies, we can help!

Yes! We accept most major insurance providers such as; Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Western Sky Medicaid. Contact our local office to learn more.