Need help with using Adaptive Equipment for yourself of someone you care for? A-Z Occupational Therapy Services is here to assist with the basic activities of daily living for all ages.

Adaptive equipment is any mechanism, machine, tool or device that helps with basic tasks of daily living. Examples include wheelchairs, gait trainers, and swings.

Make life a little easier with adaptive equipment for seniors and the elderly. From walkers and wheel chairs to amplification devices for hearing, we can help.

We have adaptive equipment for kids! Pediatric Adaptive Equipment includes wheelchairs, lifts, hospital beds and additional supplies for children with special needs.

A-Z Therapy Services is an outpatient facility that provides individualized pediatric services to children, adults, and seniors with a wide range of diagnoses to support performance at home, at school and in the community. At A-Z Therapy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico we proudly provide occupational therapy services to infants, children, teens, adults young and old, seniors, and the elderly.

Anyone who is looking to simplify caregiving can benefit from the use of Adaptive Equipment. Specifically people who are elderly, disabled or physically ill. Contact our local offices in Rio Rancho, NM for more information.

A few basic examples of Adaptive Equipment are Wheelchairs, bath chairs, augmentative communication devices, gait trainers, lifts and standing frames. All of which can be used to help increase mobility and assist with basic tasks associated with daily living.

A-Z Therapy Services accepts most major insurance carriers. When you call to schedule your first appointment, we will ask you for your insurance information. Then as a courtesy, we will call your insurance company to verify your benefit coverage and will review all this information with you before your begin the first session.