Having the ability to understand and manage our behavior and reactions to stimuli helps us cope with the day to day interactions we face in the world. Self-regulation helps children, teenagers and young adults socialize with others and develop independence on their own.

We work with clients to increase the amount of time they can focus on a specific task without becoming disengaged or distracted.

Yes! We have Occupational Therapy Services to help our clients with basic daily skills, such as; getting dressed, grooming, & hygiene.

We offer Occupational Therapy Services for help with impulsive behaviors, task initiation & completion, as well as self-regulation skills.

A-Z Therapy Services is an outpatient facility that provides individualized pediatric services to children, adults, and seniors with a wide range of diagnoses to support performance at home, at school and in the community. At A-Z Therapy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico we proudly provide occupational therapy services to infants, children, teens, adults young and old, seniors, and the elderly.

In addition to Self-Regulation skills, we also offer many other Occupational Therapy Services. Click here to view a full list of services offered. Or, call our office for more information about scheduling an appointment.

Yes! We accept most major insurance providers such as; Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Western Sky Medicaid.

Looking for the best occupational therapist in Rio Rancho, New Mexico? Contact the professionals at A-Z Therapy Services Inc. to learn more about our intake process and start feeling better today!